About us

Aadarsh Foundation Objective

The main objective of our foundation is to join every person to religion & on this principle we are doing such as facilities which are based on human welfare & human up gradation such as:

  • Every Sunday we are providing necessary household items in “Anath Aasram” & “Vridhasram” (including food, clothes and money any others)
  • We are also working for animals saving & supplying food & medical facility to them called as “Jivdaya”.

Jivdaya means to help all kind of animals & birds in term of food, shelter, medicine.

Our Vision: We are the followers Jain religion principles & its supreme authority knows as “Tirthankar’s”, teachers well known as saints. The aim of all great teachers is to develop all the human beings by religious way.

Our Aim: By following the principal of Jainism it encloses the collaboration of all human beings for

  • World Peace
  • Basic Need – Food, Shelter & Cloths Medicines etc.
  • Making healthy & religious organization
  • All human beings gathered under “religion roof”

Our Objective: Well settled & reputed person’s comes together on a one platform so that those who are really needy of any kinds they should get proper help in all manners.

Donation: The people who are below poverty line or helpless to earn for food, shelter & medical facility for that we are working continuously, to improve their living standard.

Animal & Birds Relief Program: Apart from mankind other living beings like animals & birds we also work nationwide for them like “Goshala” where we provides food, medical facility & many other items.

Reg No.: 07/37/01/12096/14